Package Description & Booking Area


If you come to Peru for a healing dieta, you may want to also visit other cities like Cuzco, Puno, Lima, or even stay a few additional days in Pucallpa. Feel free to plan your tourist vacations either before or after your Munay healing experience. You should plan a minimum of 14 days to experience an ancestral healing dieta at Munay Camp as follows:

Trip Schedule:

Day 1 – International Arrival / Group Meeting in Lima
Day 2 – Early Morning – Lima to Pucallpa Flights
Day 3 – Early Morning – Departure to Munay
Day 4 – First Ceremony (1)
Day 12 – Fifth Ceremony (5)
Day 13 – Early Morning – Boat / Road Trip Back to Pucallpa
Day 14 – Pucallpa–Lima Flights plus connecting International Flights

Package Details:

All daily flights to Pucallpa are in the morning time, making necessary to sleep one night in Lima. We offer a simple hotel, clean, safe, and conveniently located.

  • Lima Airport Pick Up and Ground Transportation to Hotel.
  • One night in Lima Hotel and Transportation back to Lima Airport
  • Round Trip Air Fare Lima-Pucallpa
  • Airport Pick Up in Pucallpa
  • Transportation to/from Munay Campsite (5 hours Car & Boat trip each way)
  • Ten (10) days lodging and Dieta in Munay
  • Five (5) Ayahuasca Ceremonies guided by Don Jose
  • Two (2) Vegetarian Group Dinners
  • Two (2) Vegetarian Breakfasts
  • Two (2) Nights at Don Jose Guesthouse in Pucallpa
  • Transportation to Pucallpa Airport


The cost of the Munay experience is US$ 1,600.00. INTERNATIONAL AIR FARES ARE NOT INCLUDED and participants are responsible for making and paying their international flights. A $400 deposit will be required with your reservation. If you plan to be in Pucallpa earlier on your own initiative and budget, the Lima portion will be excluded and you can join a group in Day #2 of the schedule shown above and pay only $1,200. Full payment to be required for reservations made within 60 days before arrival.

Reservation & Payment Instructions:

  1. Confirm the Dieta Schedule in this website and find one suitable to your agenda.
  2. Send your reservation inquiry using the “Contact Us” form in this website. You will be quickly notified about the space availability for your selected dates.
  3. Upon confirmation of availability submit your reservation data using the “Contact Us” form and prepare to make your $400 deposit to secure your space. This will be used to purchase your Lima-Pucallpa Air ticket as soon as possible.
  4. Note that your Birth Date is absolutely necessary to book your Pucallpa Flight.
  5. You will soon receive the specific method of payment that depends on your country of origin.
  6. Pending balance payable not later 30 days prior to arrival.
  7. Full payment is required if initial reservations is made within 60 days of commencement of your selected dieta.
1. Passport Name 5. Email Address
2. Passport Number / Nation 6. Birth Date
3. Home Address 7. Emergency Person Name
4. Home Phone & Mobile Phone 8. Emergency Person Phone Number
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